Pathfinding through Astrology

One-on-one sessions exploring your birth chart - uncovering layers of your personality and finding specific strategies to navigate your life.


I believe Astrology is an excellent tool to explore the complexity of an individual’s inner world. 


It will help you become more self-aware and inspire you to live more confidently.


However, I do not and cannot predict your future.



I believe that we all come into the world, a bit pre-programmed. Like a seed which carries the blueprint of a tree. We are born with certain inclinations and tendencies. Some inherent talents which demand to be developed.  And some subconscious self-defeating patterns which stop us from reaching our full potential. The culture of our family and society affects our growth at many levels - Some support the growth of our ideal nature and some distort it. For us to evolve we need to brush off unwanted projections from the outside, work on ourselves and walk our own path. We need to recognise our own unique reality.


Book a Session

Goa, India  |  Online

A session lasts around approximately 2 hours.


Please email me that you are interested in booking a session. Mention if you are looking for an Online or Face-to-face Session and how did you hear about “Pathfinding through Astrology”.


I will get back to you with further details and will subsequently need your date, place and time of birth. 




skype: live:vbothra

Frequently asked questions

How do I prepare for the session?

I recommend:

  • Be well rested before the session. So no hangovers please.
  • No eating during the session. It interferes with the session.
  • Make notes of key points during the session.
  • The session lasts around 2 hours. There is a lot of information which gets communicated. After the session, I suggest clients to find a peaceful place and contemplate for a bit. Therefore keep a total of 3-4 hours in hand.
  • Please be punctual. The session will be cancelled after half an hour of waiting.

For online sessions:
  • Please find a quiet and private spot for the session.
  • Good internet connection.

Do you teach Astrology?


How does Astrology work?

Astrology is based on the principle of synchronicity - that everything in the universe is interconnected. Position of the stars above reflect the qualities of the moment and the quality of anything born at that moment. However, I cannot scientifically prove astrology.

Can you predict my future?

No. I believe in free will. Needless to say life is full of circumstances beyond our control. But how we react to whatever befalls on us is in our control. ’Pathfinding through Astrology’ is about helping you become more aware and capable of responding to life’s challenges.

What if I don’t know my exact time of birth?

The time of birth is important. If you don’t know your exact time of birth you can email me about it. I will ask you some questions to determine if it is possible to proceed ahead.

Online Sessions vs Face-to-face session?

Barring aside the chances of a session getting interrupted due to a poor internet connection, I have observed online sessions to be equally effective.

Payment Process?

For face-to-face session you can pay me during the session. For online sessions you need to pay me before the session. No refunds or cancellations are possible. You can reschedule until 48 hours prior to the session. Your payment is forfeited if you cancel after that or do not show up. The session will be cancelled and payment forfeited after half an hour of waiting. I charge another 50% for rescheduling in such cases.

Mariana Valero

Previously, I've had 5 professional birthchart readings by Astrologers all of them helpful in one way or another, several computarized readings plus lots of self readings. Nothing compares with the reading I had with Vivek Bothra. I am greatful that I had this reading as it was impressive for me that someone can throw so much light  into the how's of my life. It is like receiving a personalized map for your inner working to become your higher self, polishing your potential. Vivek is intuitive perceptive and knowledgeable I can tell he has invested lot  of time to master this art. Highly recomended and yes, I will continue to consult  with him. 

Soumyak Kanti DeBiswas

On a sultry afternoon in Goa I called up Vivek because of a poster. In it he had outlined - with few words and utter simplicity - the delicate potential in astrological articulations. With those words, I thought I found a fellow seeker but a session with him was so much more. Vivek's work is not about speaking the future as that is indeed the greatest distraction in discussing the powerful yet subtle language of astrology. The focus is, as it should be, towards exploring one's innate nature; using creative, transformative and healing ways to infuse the individual with freedom and belief in applying themselves better. I hope he is able to touch many more lives with his beautiful work.

Evie Howard

I met Vivek at Body Love Festival in Germany last year. I felt drawn to have a reading with him but couldn't have anticipated the wonder I felt sitting with him and hearing his understandings of my chart! Vivek goes really deep into exploring the other and is very careful about choosing the precise language that he really means and feels, so I felt very seen, respected and engaged with. We reconnected recently through a Skype session and I was again amazed by what he read in my chart and was honoured by the level of care and attention he put into the process. I intend to continue to consult him whenever I may need guidance.

Richard Major

...Vivek sensed and captured salient characteristics, delving into them with an accessible, sensitive and spiritual approach. The reading became a dialogue between my chart and myself, facilitated by Vivek's competency, gentle demeanor and personal spiritual path. I highly recommend Vivek and recommend to just let yourself be guided by his process.


About Me

I was drawn to spirituality from a young age and that led me to delve deep into new age eastern philosophy. I am strongly influenced by Osho, U.G. Krishnamurti, Nisargadatta Maharaj and Alan Watts. Having lived in an ashram for many years - I have experimented with different forms of meditations and other practises from various traditions - Zen, Sufi, Taoist etc.